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About US


Our History:
Mr. Robinson created The Treehouse in 1989 when he purchased Pursley’s tree farm.  As an avid adventurer and entrepreneur he had ideas of how to create a market for the trees that the farm grew.  He began opening up distribution stores throughout Florida in which to sell the trees that he grew at the farm.  In 2002, John Deere Landscapes bought these distribution centers and Mr. Robinson’s remaining company became The TreeLeader.


Our Future:
Throughout the years this company has been on the cutting edge of technology when it came to containers and cultivars.  The Treehouse was one of the first tree farms to grow entirely in air-root pruned containers- starting with accelerators, and then the Florida cool ring, and finally, the amaroo box.  We were also one of the first to grow ‘Highrise’ and other cultivar oaks & trees on a broad spectrum.